The Secretariat

The Secretariat, which comprises the Director-General and his staff, provides administrative and technical support to the Assembly, the Council and their subsidiary bodies. It is responsible, among other things, for preparing and submitting the agency’s draft work programme, budget and annual report and for implementing the work programme.

The IRENA Secretariat carries out its operations mainly through three programmatic divisions:

The Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre (KPFC), which collects data, develops knowledge platforms and conducts analysis to help create enabling conditions for investment and growth in renewables. This entails policy and finance analysis, building a knowledge gateway, input to IRENA advisory services and targeted engagement with the private sector and civil society to advance the sustainable energy transition.

The Country Engagement and Partnerships (CEP), which helps countries and regions accelerate the introduction of renewable energy. The division works with a wide variety of public and private stakeholders on developing and implementing strategies to increase renewable energy use in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America as well as in small island developing states.

The Project Facilitation and Support (PFS), which leads the Agency’s work related to project development, access to finance and investment, and the Climate Investment Platform. The division also maintains partnerships with multilateral banks, financing institutions, private investors and stakeholders along the project development value chain.

The IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre (IITC), which provides cutting-edge information on renewable energy technologies and innovations, while seeking new pathways for the global transition to a sustainable energy future. Based at IRENA’s office in Bonn, Germany, the centre stays abreast of the latest developments and translates them into practical, policy- friendly tools. Researchers produce cost data for renewable energy technologies; provide tools for planning, project development and grid management; and offer strategies to strengthen technological innovation for renewables.

These divisions are supported by Administration and Management Services (AMS) and Planning and Programme Support (PPS), while Office of the Director-General (ODG) strengthens internal co-ordination and supports IRENA’s governing bodies.