Mauritania Post-RRA Support workshop

IRENA hosted a two-day workshop “Mauritania Post-Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) Support Workshop” on December 10-11th, in consultation with RCREEE and the Mauritanian government, with the aim of supporting the country in the implementation of the recommended RRA actions through tailored concrete activities, including resource assessment and suitability mapping for policy makers using Global Atlas.

IRENA will assist in capacity building in the assessment and revision of the national grid code and provide project development support through Project Navigator for key public and private stakeholders to expand current potential to develop bankable renewable energy projects, for both grid-connected and off-grid systems. 

IRENA is actively engaged with Mauritania in the post-RRA process through the provision of technical assistance and advisory services. The RRA assessment, in consultation with the public and private sector stakeholders, provided a set of recommendations that may help Mauritania to maximize the use of its vast renewable energy resource potential. These recommendations include policy, regulatory, technical and financial measures.

For post-RRA technical assistance in Mauritania, IRENA is actively engaged with RCREEE, who conducted a scoping mission in September 2016 and held meetings with government officials and key stakeholders, to identify crucial areas of focus for further work. As a follow-up to this scoping mission, IRENA hosted Mauritanian officials and RCREEE in a meeting held in Abu Dhabi in January 2017.