Validation Workshop - Renewables Readiness Assessment for the Republic of Paraguay

The Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay, represented by the Vice Ministry of Mines and Energy and in cooperation with IRENA, is developing a Renewable Readiness Assessment (RRA) for Paraguay. The assessment has identified key actions that would help accelerate renewable energy development and deployment in the country.

Through a consultation process, the RRA has identified main challenges hindering the development of the sector and outlined a series of recommendations to help strengthen the national energy sector institutions and their governance; enhance energy policy, regulatory framework and long-term planning for the renewable energy sector; promote institutional coordination and the use of renewable energy beyond the power sector; foster the investment on renewable energy technologies; and reinforce the continuous creation of institutional and professional capacities in Paraguay. In addition, it has proposed the necessary actions to facilitate the renewable energy transition through a wide range of stakeholders.

As part of the RRA Paraguay process, a two-day Validation Workshop has been organised jointly by IRENA and the Vice Ministry of Mines and Energy on 10 – 11 May 2021 in hybrid format. The objective of this workshop was to present and discuss the recommendations identified throughout the RRA process, and validate them with national and regional energy stakeholders, aiming for them to capture in a holistic manner the different aspects hindering the wide deployment of renewable energy in Paraguay.

The detailed agenda is available in English and Spanish (español).

Day 1
Day 2