Fourth Meeting of the Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen

The meeting presented the Enabling Measures Roadmap for Green Hydrogen, produced in partnership with the World Economic Forum under their Accelerating Green Hydrogen Initiative. The Roadmap is a communication tool that has been developed with private industry, aimed at assisting policy makers understand the top ten enabling measures that are needed to scale up green hydrogen production and infrastructure, develop common global principles for standardisation & certification, stimulate demand from the hard-to-abate sectors and maintain industrial competitiveness whilst creating export opportunities.

Members were provided an overview of the key enabling measure and invited to give feedback on the Roadmap and discuss ways in which IRENA can assist them implement the enabling measures in their own regions and countries.

The timing of this 4th meeting is crucial in the lead up to COP26, where the Roadmap will be released during the Energy Day, 4 November. Pressure is building for more countries to not only develop hydrogen strategies as part of their energy transition plans, but to set policy that shows signals to instil confidence in industry to invest in green hydrogen projects.