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    • Electricity Storage Valuation Framework

      Electricity storage will be crucial factor for scaling up solar and wind power. Yet electricity markets may not account for the system value of storage.

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    • Electricity storage and renewables: Costs and markets to 2030

      This study shows that battery electricity storage systems offer enormous deployment and cost-reduction potential. By 2030, total installed costs could fall between 50% and 60% (and battery cell costs by even more), driven by optimisation of manufacturing facilities, combined with better combinations and reduced use of materials.

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    • Electricity Storage and Renewables for Island Power: A Guide for Decision Makers

      A practical guide for decision-makers and project developers on the available energy storage solutions and their successful applications in the context of islands communities. The report also includes various best practice cases and different scenarios and strategies. It is developed as part of the IRENA Renewables in Islands Initiative (IRII).

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    • Electricity Storage: Technology Brief

      This brief focuses on electricity storage technologies to facilitate the integration of higher shares of renewable energy into the power mix.

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