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    • System Operation: Innovation Landscape Briefs

      These briefs highlight ground-breaking ways to use distributed energy resources, accommodate uncertainty and reduce the need for grid reinforcement with rising shares of solar and wind power.

      Publications Reports Systemic innovation Innovation
    • RE-organising Power Systems for the Transition

      This report aims to inform discussions on the role of power system organisational structures in facilitating and accelerating the energy transition.

      Reports Publications Energy transition Innovation
    • Climate change and renewable energy

      Japan, holding the G20 presidency in 2019, asked the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) for a report on the implications of the global energy transformation for climate and sustainability in a broad sense.

      Publications Reports Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Global Climate Action Energy efficiency Technology Targets & NDCs Policy Electrification Innovation Macro-economic benefits Socio-economic impact
    • Smart Grids and Renewables: A Guide for Effective Deployment

      The steady growth of renewable energy technologies and cost-competitiveness of solar and wind power call for a smarter approach to power-grid management. This working paper from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) provides a technical overview of smart-grid technologies as a way to accommodate larger shares of renewable energy in the electricity sector.

      Publications Reports Innovation
    • Testing IRENA’s biogas survey guidelines: Lessons learned in six countries

      The report suggests was to improve biogas data collection, including reducing survey costs, improving response rates, simplifying the data collected and using local knowledge about previous projects and programmes.

      Publications Reports Guidelines Statistics Bioenergy & biofuels Technology Innovation indicators Innovation
    • 10 Years: Progress to Action

      IRENA's 10th Assembly booklet charts global advances over the past decade and calls for a new Decade of Action on renewables. Comparative graphs and data illuminate the road ahead.

      Publications Reports Targets & NDCs Policy Power Generation Costs Costs Solar energy Technology Wind energy Technology Energy & jobs Socio-economic impact Off-grid for energy access Electrification Innovation
    • Renewables Readiness Assessment: Botswana

      The RRA report presents clear and practical steps to maximise the country’s use of renewables in driving sustainable socio-economic growth.

      Publications Reports Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) Targets & NDCs Policy Energy transition in end uses Policy Electrification Innovation
    • 可再生能源智能电气化:推动能源服务转型


      Publications Reports Electrification Innovation Power sector transformation Innovation Digitalisation Innovation Renewable energy for cities Policy
    • Boosting solar PV markets: The role of quality infrastructure

      This handbook outlines the best practices to develop and implement Quality Infrastructure for solar PV and, based on case studies, offers quantified cost-benefit analysis for QI implementation at different stages of PV plant development. The data and analysis provides guidance for establishing proper QI mechanisms, showcased through successful experiences with utility-scale, distributed-generation and off-grid PV development in 11 countries. 

      Publications Reports Quality & Standards Innovation INSPIRE
    • Quality Infrastructure for Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar Water Heaters

      This guide is part of a series prepared by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in the field of quality infrastructure (QI) for small-scale renew¬able energy technologies. Quality Infrastructure for Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar Water Heaters analyses the challenges and offers recommendations for developing QI for solar water heaters (SWHs), as well as highlighting the experiences of several countries in developing and implementing QI for SWHs. The SWH guide concludes by applying guidelines for incrementally developing QI to the particular case of SWH markets.

      Publications Reports Quality & Standards Innovation Solar energy Technology
    • Intellectual Property Rights: The Role of Patents in Renewable Energy Technology Innovation

      Patent information can provide valuable insights on the renewable energy sector as new technologies arise and markets continue to evolve. Analysis of renewable energy technology patents, for example, can reveal: which countries and innovators are most active in inventing technologies; the potential markets where technologies need to be protected;

      Publications Reports Innovation indicators Innovation INSPIRE
    • Innovative solutions for 100% renewable power in Sweden

      This study highlights key pilot projects, showcases innovative solutions and provides insights based on Sweden’s experience with the transition to 100% renewable power.

      Publications Reports Targets & NDCs Policy Systemic innovation Innovation Electrification Innovation Energy transition in end uses Policy
    • Business Models: Innovation Landscape Briefs

      These briefs highlight business models that enhance system flexibility, empower consumers, boost solar and wind supply and incentivise rapid integration

      Publications Reports Systemic innovation Innovation
    • Republic of Palau: Renewable Energy Roadmap 2022-2050

      This report looks in detail at Palau's current power sector and provides a pathway for achieving a fully decarbonised, least-cost power system, with intermediate milestones.

      Reports Publications Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Country Energy transition Innovation
    • Renewable Technology Innovation Indicators: Mapping progress in costs, patents and standards

      This report provides a valuable resource for policy makers and researchers by collecting data on a range of quantitative innovation indicators on the costs and performance of renewable technologies, patents and standards.

      Publications Reports Innovation indicators Innovation Quality & Standards Innovation Power Generation Costs Costs Stationary Applications Costs Costs Quality & Standards Innovation
    • Quality infrastructure for smart mini-grids

      Market expansion for renewable mini-grids depends on establishing trustworthy quality infrastructure (QI). Smart technologies to integrate solar and wind power require international and national QI.

      Publications Reports Quality & Standards Innovation Energy storage Technology
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