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    • Future of Solar Photovoltaic

      This study presents options to fully unlock the world’s vast solar PV potential over the period until 2050. It builds on IRENA’s global roadmap to scale up renewables and meet climate goals.

      Publications Reports Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Global Solar energy Technology
    • Off-grid renewable energy statistics 2019

      This report outlines key off-grid power and biogas data over the decade 2008-2017 in trilingual tables. The sector continues growing rapidly worldwide.

      Publications Reports Statistics Solar energy Technology Hydropower Technology Bioenergy & biofuels Technology
    • Off-grid Renewable Energy Statistics 2021

      This publication presents statistics for the decade 2010-2019 in trilingual tables, covering off-grid power capacity, biogas production and numbers of people using off-grid power and biogas for cooking and lighting.

      Publications Reports Statistics Off-grid for energy access Bioenergy & biofuels Technology Hydropower Technology Solar energy Technology
    • Fostering a blue economy: Offshore renewable energy

      Offshore renewable energy – including offshore wind and solar power, as well as emerging ocean energy technologies – could support sustainable long-term development and drive a vibrant blue economy. 

      Publications Reports Ocean Technology Solar energy Technology Wind energy Technology Technology & infrastructure Technology Macro-economic benefits Socio-economic impact
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