West Africa Clean Energy Corridor — ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Policy & Investment High Level Forum


Given the growing interest in West Africa, IRENA initiated the preparatory work to expand the Africa Clean Energy Corridor (ACEC) initiative to West Africa. The expansion will support the region towards energy transition in coordination and collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. As part of the ECOWAS High Level Policy Investment Forum, IRENA held the first consultative workshop on the West Africa Clean Energy Corridor on 18 September.

The main objective of the consultative meeting was to initiate discussions with governments, utilities, regulatory bodies, private sector and civil society from all ECOWAS countries. Based on the valuable feedback provided during and after the meeting, IRENA is currently working with the regional partners (including, the ECOWAS Commission, the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - ECREEE, the West Africa Power Pool – WAPP and the African Development Bank) for identifying priority actions that will constitute the main elements of the ACEC implementation plan in West Africa. The specific objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Receive an overview of the energy situation in the region as well as a comprehensive update on the renewable energy related activities
  • Introduce the Africa Clean Energy Corridor to West African stakeholders
  • Identify elements to be further developed into an action agenda for endorsement by Ministers of Energy from the region

The consultative meeting included presentations and discussions on Challenges and Opportunities to Accelerate Renewable Energy Deployment in West Africa; the Clean Energy Corridor concept; lessons learned on the implementation of ACEC in Eastern and Southern Africa; various financing mechanisms such as SEFA and IRENA Sustainable Marketplace. The renewable energy resource assessments, governance and regulation of the power sector, as well as capacity building and financing have been perceived as relevant for the implementation of West Africa Clean Energy Corridor.

Based upon outcomes of the discussions, IRENA will draft an initial action plan to be shared with the countries and regional institutions, who were present at the workshop, for comments. IRENA will support the implementation of the West Africa Clean Energy Corridor through planning, zoning, and enabling investment - building on its tools such as the zoning methodology, the Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA), the Sustainable Energy Marketplace (SEM), specific country reports and market analyses in the region amongst others.

Workshop Agenda

ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Policy & Investment High Level Forum Agenda


Concept and Status of Implementation of the Africa Clean Energy Corridor
by Safiatou Alzouma Nouhou, IRENA

Renewable energy zoning
by Tijana Radojicic, IRENA

ESKOM South Africa experience: Strategic Network Development for Connection of RE IPPs
by Kevin Leask, ESKOM South Africa

Promotion of a Climate-friendly Interconnected Power System in West Africa
by Lucius Mayer-Tasch, GIZ/ECREEE

Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Action Agenda for ECOWAS
by Mahama Kappiah, ECREEE

Sustainable Energy Project Facilitation for Africa
by Henning Wuester, IRENA