IRENA Webinar: Development of Bankable Residential PV projects

A panel of IRENA and industry experts discussed about Residential PV projects. This unique one-hour IRENA webinar provided you with a comprehensive overview on how to develop and finance Residential PV projects and the opportunities.

The IRENA Project Navigator is an online platform providing comprehensive, easily accessible, and practical information, tools and guidance to assist in the development of bankable renewable energy projects.

You would discover in less than one hour the new Technical Concept Guidelines for Residential PV prepared by IRENA which featured insights and recommendations to develop bankable Residential PV projects. The webinar showcased critical information, analysis and best practices covering the complete life-cycle of a Residential PV project and presented resources and tools available on the IRENA Project Navigator platform.

What you will learn and discuss about (preliminary):

  • Introduction of IRENA and the challenge of renewable energy development,
  • How IRENA supports project developers with the Project Navigator platform,
  • How to obtain free technical guidelines that helps developing bankable Residential PV projects,
  • Obtain valuable feedback from industry experts,
  • Ask questions and discuss with expert participants.