Unlocking the potential of ocean energy around the globe

The workshop ‘Unlocking the potential of ocean energy around the globe’ took place on the October 1st and 2nd, 2019, in Dublin, Ireland. The event was organised in partnership with Ocean Energy Europe, with support from the IEA-Ocean Energy Systems (IEA-OES) Technology Collaboration Programme. Participants to the workshop also had the opportunity to attend the sessions and exhibition organised by Ocean Energy Europe that preceded the workshop.

The IRENA event, held back-to-back with the annual Ocean Energy Europe conference, gathered together experts in the ocean energy field, from public and private sectors, to discuss innovative designs, new business models -including sector coupling opportunities- and the impact of ocean energy projects around the world, with a special emphasis on Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

The workshop:

  • Presented the latest progress in the field of ocean energy in terms technology, business models, funding and policy mechanisms.
  • Gave a special focus to ocean energy applications in Small Island Development States, dedicating sessions to discuss ocean energy resource potential, its opportunities and benefits and innovative ocean energy designs for insular territories.
  • Explored the gaps where further work in the field of ocean energy is required to shift from a research and development stage to a commercial stage for different ocean energy technologies.
  • Built capacity in terms of the necessary elements and conditions needed to present a bankable ocean energy project.
  • Identified the necessary collaborative work, engaging all stakeholders, to foster the development of ocean energy.

The agenda and presentations from the workshop can be downloaded using the links below.


Day 1
Opening Session Roland Roesch, IRENA
Eamonn Confrey, Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment (Ireland)
Quentin Perret, Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition (France)
Remi Gruet, Ocean Energy Europe
Henry Jeffrey, IEA-OES
Session 1: Ocean Energy Potential in Islands* Ocean Energy Potential in IslandsRoland Roesch, IRENA Moderator
Ocean Energy in Insular ConditionsAna Brito e Melo, IEA-OES
Overview of Belize/Caribbean, Ryan Cobb, Ministry of The Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities (Belize)
Overview of Fiji, Deepak Chand, Department of Energy, Mineral Resources (Fiji)
Overview of SIDS, Albert Binger, SIDS DOCK
Overview of the Pacific, Adrien Lauranceau-Moineau, Pacific Community
Overview of the EU, Matthijs Soede, European Commission DG RTD
Session 2: Innovative Ocean Energy Designs for Islands Paul Durrant, IRENAModerator
Development of Ocean Energy Systems for Remote Off-Grid Islands in KoreaJin-Hak Yi, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (Republic of Korea), and IEA-OES Delegate
Innovative OE designs for islands – Wedge Global wave energy, Francisco Garcia Lorenzo, Wedge Global (Canary Islands, Spain)
Projects and technologies in ocean energy in Mexico, Rodolfo Silva Casarín, CEMIE-Océano (Mexico) and IEA-OES Delegate
Autonomous & Unmanned Offshore Renewable Power Generation, Audrie Jordan, Geps Techno (France)
San Antonio Hybrid Renewable Energy Pilot Project, Ian Hutchison, Oceantera (Philippines)
Day 2
Session 3: Ocean Energy Uptake: Solutions to Technical Challenges Donagh Cagney, Ocean Energy EuropeModerator
Ocean energy uptake: Solutions to technical challenges, Alessandra Salgado, IRENA
Ocean energy uptake: Solutions to technical challenges, Yann-Hervé De Roeck, France Energies Marines and IEA-OES
Ocean Energy resource mapping and assessment, Gianmaria Sannino, ENEA (Italy)
Ocean energy uptake: Solutions to technical challenges, Sean Barrett, BME Consulting (Ireland)
Ocean energy uptake: Solutions to technical challenges, Nicolas Lariviere-Gillet, IEC TC 114 French Delegation
Modularity reimagined: Maritime structure solutions - Power Electronics + Storage solutions, Philipp Sinn, SINN Power (Germany)
Session 4: Innovative Business Models and Sector Coupling* Paul Durrant, IRENAModerator
Wave energy and water desalination, Bill Staby, Resolute Marine Energy (USA)
Tidal energy and hydrogen production, Nicolas Wallet, European Marine Energy Centre
OTEC and aquaculture, Masanori Kobayashi, Japanese Ocean Policy Research Institute (Japan)
OTEC, SWAC and potable waterJulien Blanc, Bardot Ocean (France)
Wave energy and shippingAudrie Jordan, GEPS Techno (France)
Wave energy and ancillary servicesMikael Sidenmark, Ocean Harvesting Technologies (Sweden)
Session 5: Roundtable – Action Plan Roland Roesch, IRENA
Remi Gruet, Ocean Energy Europe
Srikanth Narasimalu, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
Yann-Hervé De Roeck, France Energies Marines and IEA-OES
Lui Naisara, Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management & Meteorological Services (Fiji)
Britta Schaffmeister, Dutch Marine Energy Centre (Netherlands)
Adrien Lauranceau-Moineau, Pacific Community
Albert Binger, SIDS DOCK

*Speakers in this session used a one-slide template provided by IRENA.