Fourth Meeting of the Collaborative Framework on Hydropower

Members at the 10th Assembly session requested IRENA to expand its work on hydropower and facilitate targeted collaboration tailored to reflect opportunities and challenges for the continued deployment of hydropower technologies. In response to this request, IRENA has established a Collaborative Framework on Hydropower which serves as an effective vehicle for dialogue, co-operation and coordinated action to ensure the continued deployment of hydropower in benefit of the global renewable energy transformation, and feed into the on-going work of the Agency.

Since June 2020, three virtual meetings of the Collaborative Framework on Hydropower have been held to effectively establish the Framework and its thematic scope, define the Framework’s General Guiding Principles and Proposed Modalities, and facilitate the sharing of experiences among Members on key priority action areas, which included hydropower sustainability, the need for policies and markets that adequately reward hydropower services, the need for modernisation and refurbishment of large shares of the global fleet and the role of pumped storage hydropower.

Additionally, the Framework held a consultation meeting for Members to present their views and provide feedback on the Consultation Draft of the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower. Finally, in September 2021, a High-Level Meeting of the Collaborative Framework was hosted during the World Hydropower Congress. This meeting provided high-level officials and decision-makers with greater insights on the role of hydropower in the energy transition, as well as raised awareness on key hydropower-related issues.

Building on the momentum and the knowledge gathered from previous meetings, IRENA organised the Fourth Virtual Meeting of the Collaborative Framework. The meeting served as an opportunity to update the Membership on the agency’s latest work and findings on hydropower, as well on the status and outcomes of other relevant initiatives from other stakeholders. Finally, an update was provided on the Hydropower Conference being co-organised by the Government of Switzerland and IRENA, which was announced during the High-Level Meeting and will take place later this year in Geneva.

Meeting was closed, by invitation only.