Somalia Renewables Readiness Assessment: Validation Workshop

The Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) Validation workshop, organized by IRENA in partnership with the Ministry of Water and Energy Resources of Somalia, will bring together a wide array of relevant stakeholders (local and international) to continue the constructive exchange and consolidate the recommendations identified throughout the RRA process. Participants will include governmental agencies, energy experts, development partners, and international and regional organisations.

Over the course of two days, different sessions will be held as part of the Validation Workshop (see agenda). All sessions will be conducted in a hybrid format. IRENA’s Team, local coordinator, and international consultant, together with the local and international energy stakeholders, will be gathered in one location. Each discussion session will begin with a presentation by IRENA team members (officials and/or consultants), followed by an open discussion moderated by National and International representatives.

The RRA process, a country-specific assessment tool developed by IRENA, constitutes the backbone of the Agency’s engagement at the national level. Through a country-led multi-stakeholder process that involves a holistic assessment of key conditions for renewable energy deployment, the RRA offers concrete recommendations that can help countries overcome barriers and promote renewable energy investments.

This workshop is closed and by invitation only.