IRENA Policy Talks 2024 – Green hydrogen for sustainable industrial development

As the global community intensifies efforts to transition towards a more sustainable and equitable energy future, the role of green hydrogen in decarbonizing industrial sectors and fostering economic growth in developing countries has never been more critical. The “Green hydrogen for sustainable industrial development: A policy toolkit for developing countries” report, co-authored by UNIDO, IRENA and IDOS offers groundbreaking insights into harnessing green hydrogen for sustainable development, emphasizing its potential to drive domestic value creation, job creation, and international competitiveness. A central theme of the report is the promotion of a just transition approach to green hydrogen development. Emphasising the importance of policy coordination, it introduces a ‘clover approach’ comprising four key elements: prioritising local use of green hydrogen; alignment with national objectives; starting with small- to medium-sized projects; and the phased implementation of green hydrogen production and applications. This approach ensures that green hydrogen production contributes to sustainable development, technological advancement and job creation in developing countries.

The fifth IRENA Policy Talk 2024 will present the key findings of the report.

This webinar will launch globally the report, presenting its key findings and insights. By inviting experts on hydrogen and industrial development, it will explore actionable strategies for stakeholders at all levels to promote the local use of green hydrogen, align initiatives with national objectives, and ensure a just transition to sustainable energy solutions The webinar, like the report, will challenge the prevailing narrative that green hydrogen is primarily a product for export from renewable-rich and industry-poor countries; rather, it will underscore green hydrogen’s potential as a catalyst for sustainable development within developing countries that can contribute to economic growth, environmental sustainability and social progress.

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