2024 International Hydrogen Conference

Clean pathway to a sustainable future

Standards and conformity assessment covering equipment and services to support hydrogen production and use at scale

The international community recognizes hydrogen as a key enabler for advancing efforts aimed at capping global temperature rise to 1.5-degrees. IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards along with the IECEx international certification have been covering hydrogen for decades. More recently, the intensifying focus on hydrogen and demand for its largescale commercial use has prompted IEC and ISO to refine their portfolio of international standards in support of safety and sustainability across the hydrogen value chain. Likewise on the international certification side, IEC via its conformity assessment body IECEx has extended its coverage of Hydrogen equipment and services to target equipment, systems and competence of persons associated with hydrogen production, transportation and use, including hydrogen dispensing equipment.

IECEx is partnering with ISO, UNECE, the Hydrogen Council, IRENA and the Singapore IEC National Committee dedicated to promoting an international approach. This full day event offers a unique opportunity for industries in the region to learn about latest developments in hydrogen technologies, network within the expert community and form valuable contacts. Attendees will receive information on how to benefit from the services provided by the organizing partners and how to get involved. Leading experts from across the world will share their insights and expertise on international standardization, equipment manufacturing, inspection, repair and overhaul associated with hydrogen production, transportation and use. The conference will also address the assessment and certification of personnel competence, and tackle issues concerning regional requirements and regulations.

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Practical details about the conference can be found on the IECEx website.