Youth-led Renewable Energy Start-ups Invited to Join the Second Cohort of IRENA’s NewGen Accelerator


The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) today launched for the Second year, the IRENA NewGen Renewable Energy Accelerator (NewGen), aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs and innovators in driving the renewable energy transition. NewGen provides capacity building, mentorship and other resources to youth-led projects and start-ups that are developing innovative solutions to advance the adoption of renewable energy at the global level.

The initiative is being launched for the second year after the successful inauguration in 2023, in collaboration with Social Alpha, a non-profit organisation based in India that supports social start-ups, and Enel Foundation, a global non-profit think-tank focused on energy transition and climate change. As knowledge partners, Social Alpha and Enel Foundation will provide technical expertise and mentorship to help young entrepreneurs and innovators succeed.

"For the second year, IRENA is proudly launching the NewGen Renewable Energy Accelerator Programme for youth-led startups in the clean technology and renewable energy sectors," said IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera. "Together with our partners, IRENA will provide state-of-the-art capacity building and networking opportunities to empower young entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming their communities through sustainable solutions.”

NewGen is open to youth-led projects and start-ups with a focus on innovative solutions in areas such as energy storage, grid integration, and energy efficiency. Selected participants will receive training, mentorship, other resources to help them develop and scale their solutions. They also can compete for the IRENA Youth Award, and other engagement opportunities throughout the Acceleration programme.

“As we embark on the second edition of the NewGen Renewable Energy Accelerator, Social Alpha remains deeply committed to the pivotal role of innovation in the energy sector.” said Manoj Kumar, Founder and CEO of Social Alpha. “Our partnership with IRENA underscores a shared vision of harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit and cutting-edge technologies to fast-track the global transition towards a net zero future while democratising energy access. This strategic support for innovators and entrepreneurs can propel us closer to achieving sustainable development goals, fostering a new generation of solutions for people and the planet.”

Carlo Papa, Managing Director of Enel Foundation, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration and shared his thoughts on the potential of NewGen. “We are truly grateful for IRENA partnership and look forward to serving the new cohort of young talented innovators in their commitment to accelerate the energy transition and win the race to a clean energy future just for All.” said Dr. Papa.

The Accelerator is part of IRENA's broader effort to support the acceleration of a global energy transition powered by renewables. By supporting youth-led innovation and entrepreneurship, IRENA aims to create new opportunities for clean energy development and help the global community achieve climate objectives and sustainable development goals.

For more information about the IRENA NewGen Renewable Energy Accelerator (NewGen), please visit the IRENA website here.