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Renewables readiness assessment: Burkina Faso

This renewables readiness assessment (RRA) for Burkina Faso presents key recommendations to accelerate the country’s energy transition, with a view to securing a sustainable, affordable energy supply, increasing rural energy access, diversifying the economy and addressing climate change.


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This renewables readiness assessment (RRA) for Burkina Faso has been developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Quarries. It identifies several drivers for the country to accelerate its energy transition. These include securing a sustainable energy supply at affordable and stable prices; increasing the resilience of rural communities through energy access; leveraging its significant renewable energy potential to diversify its economy and create qualified and sustainable jobs; and honouring its international commitments to address climate and health impacts in the energy sector.

The assessment also examines existing enabling frameworks for renewable energy deployment, as well as an overview of the renewable energy financing landscape, including international, regional and national financial instruments and programmes to promote renewable energy investments.

Key recommendations in the report include the reinforcement of institutional frameworks; development and updating of an integrated resource plan with investment plans for grid capacity and electricity storage; development of business models for rural electrification; strengthening of financing capacities, and insurance and tax ecosystems; operationalisation of rooftop solar and net metering; regulation of the solar home systems market; supporting local industries and entrepreneurship; assessment of bioenergy potential; and review of hydropower potential.