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The Global Atlas for Renewable Energy: A decade in the making

A decade on from its launch, the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy continues to represent a unique, free global resource for assessing the renewable potential of countries and regions.


Since the launch of its ground-breaking free web GIS renewable resource platform in 2012, IRENA has continuously updated and upgraded the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy to enable users such as policy makers, energy planners, project developers, researchers, modellers and educators to access data and tools to assess the renewable potential of a country or region – especially where such information is not publicly available.

Currently, the Global Atlas platform comprises more than 1 000 renewable resource datasets, as well as ancillary information, at different scales – global, regional and country-specific – from 50 leading international technical institutes and private companies.

The platform features information that enables users to identify the best zones for deploying solar photovoltaic (PV) and onshore wind projects, whilst also providing corresponding generation profiles and associated attributes.

These datasets aim to raise awareness of renewable development options to help meet global climate goals, decarbonise the world’s energy system and ensure access to sustainable energy for all.