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    • Boosting solar PV markets: The role of quality infrastructure

      This handbook outlines the best practices to develop and implement Quality Infrastructure for solar PV and, based on case studies, offers quantified cost-benefit analysis for QI implementation at different stages of PV plant development. The data and analysis provides guidance for establishing proper QI mechanisms, showcased through successful experiences with utility-scale, distributed-generation and off-grid PV development in 11 countries. 

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    • Intellectual Property Rights: The Role of Patents in Renewable Energy Technology Innovation

      Patent information can provide valuable insights on the renewable energy sector as new technologies arise and markets continue to evolve. Analysis of renewable energy technology patents, for example, can reveal: which countries and innovators are most active in inventing technologies; the potential markets where technologies need to be protected;

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    • International Standardisation in the Field of Renewable Energy

      Renewable energy standards, regularly reviewed and updated by international committees of technical experts, can help policy makers as an instrument to demonstrate national regulatory compliance, as well as ensuring successful deployment of renewable energy technologies (RET).

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    • Scaling up Variable Renewable Power: The Role of Grid Codes

      Increasing the share of renewable power from variable sources, namely solar and wind energy, requires technological developments to be accompanied by well-designed regulations for grid management and operation.

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