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    • System Operation: Innovation Landscape Briefs

      These briefs highlight ground-breaking ways to use distributed energy resources, accommodate uncertainty and reduce the need for grid reinforcement with rising shares of solar and wind power.

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    • Innovative solutions for 100% renewable power in Sweden

      This study highlights key pilot projects, showcases innovative solutions and provides insights based on Sweden’s experience with the transition to 100% renewable power.

      Publications Reports Targets & NDCs Policy Systemic innovation Innovation Electrification Innovation Energy transition in end uses Policy
    • Accelerating the Energy Transition through Innovation

      Technological breakthroughs are needed to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector. This working paper examines the basic conditions required to nurture innovation and produce new technologies for a low-carbon future.

      Publications Reports Renewable Energy Roadmap (ReMap) Global Power sector transformation Innovation Electrification Innovation Systemic innovation Innovation
    • Business Models: Innovation Landscape Briefs

      These briefs highlight business models that enhance system flexibility, empower consumers, boost solar and wind supply and incentivise rapid integration

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    • Market Design: Innovation Landscape briefs

      These briefs highlight innovations in market design to support large-scale use of solar and wind power. The set covers net billing, time-of-use tariffs, integration of distributed energy resources, increased time and space granularity and other innovative measures.    

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    • Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future

      This report maps and categorises innovative solutions to integrate renewables. It brings together insights on key innovations to facilitate higher shares of solar and wind in the power sector.

      Publications Reports Systemic innovation Innovation Power sector transformation Innovation
    • Offshore innovation widens renewable energy options

      Data and research confirm rapid capacity growth, cost and performance improvements, increasing technological sophistication and the need for standardisation to expand offshore wind and ocean energy.

      Publications Reports Wind energy Technology Systemic innovation Innovation
    • The Renewable Energy Transition in Africa

      This report explores how African countries can achieve universal energy access within the 2030 Agenda timeframe. Also, explores transformational potential of the electricity sector in five Africa countries.

      Publications Reports Macro-economic benefits Socio-economic impact Finance & investment Systemic innovation Innovation
    • Renewable Energy and Electricity Interconnections for a Sustainable Northeast Asia

      This report, a joint study between IRENA and the Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI), provides new perspectives on the interconnection potential in Northeast Asia and valuable insights for policy makers and key stakeholders.

      Publications Reports Climate Action Power system structures & markets Policy Systemic innovation Innovation
    • Innovation landscape for smart electrification

      This report maps 100 innovative solutions for the smart electrification of end-use sectors using renewable power. It offers innovation toolboxes to guide policy makers in formulating smart electrification strategies for mobility, the heating and cooling sectors, and green hydrogen production.

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