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    • Renewable Energy Options for Shipping

      The shipping industry plays a critical role in the global economy, carrying approximately 90% of the total tonnage of world’s traded goods. Shipping propulsion has changed radically since the mid-19th century, from the renewable energy of sail power, to the coal power of steamships, to the predominance of heavy fuel oil and marine diesel oil. But renewable energy technologies could transform the global shipping fleet again, at all levels and scales.

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    • Rise of renewables in cities

      Cities have emerged as a key focus of global climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. This report highlights resource potential, targets, technology options and planning priorities.

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    • Hydrogen from renewable power: Technology outlook for the energy transition

      As the world strives to cut carbon emissions, electric power from renewables has emerged as a vital energy source.  Fuel needs for transport and industry, meanwhile, could be met with renewable-based hydrogen.

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    • Renewables Readiness Assessment: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

      Jordan’s energy diversification strategy is centred around renewables. This report aims to help unlock Jordan’s renewable energy potential.

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    • A Pathway to Decarbonise the Shipping Sector by 2050

      This report explores the options and actions needed to progress towards a decarbonised maritime shipping sector by 2050 identifying a realistic pathway to reach the 1.5°C climate goal.

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    • Reaching Zero with Renewables: Biojet Fuels

      This report summarises progress, explores the potential to scale up biojet production in the near and longer term, and explain the actions needed to realise the aviation sector’s decarbonisation goals.

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    • Renewable Energy Policies for Cities: Transport

      This brief will highlight best practices in sustainable urban transport and showcase city actions that accelerate the creation of sustainable transport systems.

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    • Reaching Zero with Renewables

      Energy emissions from industry and transport could be cut to zero by 2060 with pro-active policies and investments. Renewables will be crucial.

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    • Electric vehicles: Technology brief

      The global stock of electric vehicles (EVs) reached 1 million in 2015 and exceeded 2 million by the end of 2016. Yet faster growth is needed for EVs to fulfil their role in the global energy transition, both through lowering vehicle emissions and boosting renewable energy use.

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    • Events

      IRENA at European Utility Week 2018

      IRENA co-organised two events at European Utility Week 2018, covering 'Managing A High Renewable System' and 'Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Powering the Transport Sector'.

    • Events

      IRENA Innovation Day in Thailand

      Following a successful IRENA Innovation Week 2018 in Bonn, Germany that brought together a diverse group to explore and share insights into the many common challenges and opportunities of innovation solutions for renewable power integration, together with the great interest from many regional players, a series of regional Innovation Days will be organized across the globe.

    • Events

      Where will we get our biojet? IRENA at EUBCE 2019

      ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organisation, has a target to cut carbon emissions in half by 2050.   While efficiency improvements like more fuel-efficient aircraft and better air traffic logistics can bring about half of the emissions reductions required, the other half will have to come through renewable jet fuel.  So if we hope to decarbonise the transport sector, we will need to have large amounts of biojet. 

    • Events

      IRENA at the Pentalateral Conference on Electromobility

      Supported by IRENA, Luxembourg organised a Ministerial Conference on Electromobility. The Pentalateral conference 'Closing the loop between Energy and Transport', gathered for the first time key stakeholders from all sectors involved such as car manufacturers, electricity market players and e-mobility actors.

    • Events

      Global Renewable Energy Forum 2019: The Road to Carbon-neutrality

      GREF 2019  focused on pathways towards carbon-neutrality by 2050, analysing the current status of renewable energy policies and decarbonisation pathways from different perspectives and highlight the role of hydrogen and power-to-x pathways — focusing on improving the understanding of hydrogen ‘as a low-carbon technology option’ and analysing the existing barriers and solutions needed to accelerate its deployment. 

    • Renewable Energy is Enabling a World of Cheap, Abundant Electricity

      The synergies between electrification of end-use sectors and accelerated renewables deployment are very strong. But during the conference it was stressed that smart approaches to electrification are crucial to harness the synergies. 

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