2018 Legislators Forum

For this third edition of the IRENA Legislators Forum, over 60 members of parliament from 30 different countries discussed their role in catalysing action to accelerate the transformation of the global energy system. Legislators discussed and shared experiences on two specific topics: the implementation of the renewable energy component of the NDCs, and how to raise ambition for the review of their country pledges to combat climate change, and the shift of action from the power sector to end-use sector to further accelerated the decarbonisation of the energy system.

Legislators are instrumental in formulating and passing the laws that govern the energy sector and overseeing their implementation. They also have a crucial role to play in gathering the necessary public support to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy. The 2018 IRENA Legislators Forum represented an opportunity to strengthen IRENA’s nascent but increasingly established network of parliamentarians who are already active in the field of renewable energy, and supported their work through the presentation of the Agency’s latest work on policies, technologies, finance and socio-economic benefits.

Watch Wafa Bani Mostafa, Member of Jordan's Parliament speaking about Jordan's renewable energy goals:

In light of the key role that parliamentarians are playing in the decision making process, and in order to facilitate collaboration among stakeholders, IRENA invited participating legislators to take part in a Public-Private dialogue. The roundtable discussion gathered members of the Business and Investors Group of the IRENA Coalition for Action, Government representatives and parliamentarians.

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