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    • Solar simulators: Application to developing cities

      This report from IRENA examines the evolution of solar PV simulators, from single-rooftop assessments at the household level to large-scale, aggregate-level analyses undertaken by municipal authorities and other large entities.

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    • Затраты на производство возобновляемой энергии в 2021 году

      Последнее глобальное исследование затрат IRENA показывает, как сохранялась конкурентоспособность возобновляемых источников энергии в условиях кризиса ископаемого топлива, и освещает тенденции затрат на основные возобновляемые источники электроэнергии.

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    • Community Energy Toolkit: Best practices for broadening the ownership of renewables

      This white paper, developed by the IRENA Coalition for Action, analyses 11 renewable energy initiatives from across the world, showcasing ways in which communities actively participate in energy decision making bringing socio-economic impacts to societies.

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    • Renewable energy finance: Institutional capital

      Transforming the global energy system calls for massive mobilisation of capital. This brief provides recommendations to harness institutional investment for renewable energy projects.

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    • Ocean Energy: Technologies, Patents, Deployment Status and Outlook

      The potential of oceans as an energy source is staggering – more than sufficient to meet global electricity demand well into the future. Ocean resources vary from tidal currents and waves, to temperature and salinity gradients.

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    • Demand-side flexibility for power sector transformation

      Power systems need to be increasingly flexible to accommodate rising solar and wind shares. This brief examines the uses of demand-side flexibility, outlines solutions to achieve these, and highlights examples in actual power systems.

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    • Sustainable Rural Bioenergy Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa: A collection of good practices

      This collection aims to provide a reference for policy makers and practitioners working to scale up bioenergy in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Energy, agriculture, forestry, environment, finance and business experts all seek for solutions to provide energy and also enhance food security, social welfare and environmental sustainability.

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    • Quality Infrastructure for Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar Water Heaters

      This guide is part of a series prepared by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in the field of quality infrastructure (QI) for small-scale renew¬able energy technologies. Quality Infrastructure for Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar Water Heaters analyses the challenges and offers recommendations for developing QI for solar water heaters (SWHs), as well as highlighting the experiences of several countries in developing and implementing QI for SWHs. The SWH guide concludes by applying guidelines for incrementally developing QI to the particular case of SWH markets.

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    • Boosting solar PV markets: The role of quality infrastructure

      This handbook outlines the best practices to develop and implement Quality Infrastructure for solar PV and, based on case studies, offers quantified cost-benefit analysis for QI implementation at different stages of PV plant development. The data and analysis provides guidance for establishing proper QI mechanisms, showcased through successful experiences with utility-scale, distributed-generation and off-grid PV development in 11 countries. 

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    • Post-COVID recovery: An agenda for resilience, development and equality

      Energy transition investments in the wake of COVID-19 can pave the way for equitable, inclusive and resilient economies.

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    • Electricity Storage and Renewables for Island Power: A Guide for Decision Makers

      A practical guide for decision-makers and project developers on the available energy storage solutions and their successful applications in the context of islands communities. The report also includes various best practice cases and different scenarios and strategies. It is developed as part of the IRENA Renewables in Islands Initiative (IRII).

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    • Personas, Planeta y Prosperidad

      Este folleto describe por qué una adopción acelerada de las energías renovables es una solución clave para un escenario climáticamente seguro.

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    • Renewable Energy Prospects: Mexico

      Mexico has a large and diverse renewable energy resource base. Given the right mix of policies, the country could attract large-scale investments to diversify its energy supply, with the potential to increase the share of modern renewables in total final energy consumption to 21% by 2030, up from 4.4% in 2010.

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    • Perspectives for the energy transition: Investment needs for a low-carbon energy system

      This joint study looks at the potential for decarbonisation in the energy sector in G20 countries and around the world. Chapter 3, “Global Energy Transition Prospects and the Role of Renewables”, highlights findings from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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    • Renewable energy statistics 2020

      This statistical publication presents renewable power generation capacity statistics for the for the last decade (2010-2019).

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    • Smart Grids and Renewables: A cost-benefit analysis guide for developing countries

      Smart grid technologies support the creation of an increasingly flexible electricity grid, enabling the integration of variable renewable energy. They work by incorporating information and communications technology at all stages of power generation, delivery and consumption, improving reliability and service to end-users.

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    • 30 Years of Policies for Wind Energy: Lessons from 12 Wind Energy Markets

      Wind energy has emerged in recent years as a prominent power source in some of the world’s leading markets. Successful wind development hinges on a range of policy and regulatory decisions. A joint report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) provides insights into the policy design decisions taken in important existing markets over the last three decades.

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    • Turning to renewables: Climate-safe energy solutions

      This set of briefs, prepared by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), highlights challenges and opportunities as the world seeks climate-safe energy solutions.

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    • ID+D para las tecnologías de energías renovables: Cooperación en América Latina y el Caribe

      ID+D para las tecnologías de energías renovables: Cooperación en América Latina y el Caribe revela que existe una gran diversidad de oportunidades para coordinar las actividades y esfuerzos orientados a promover innovación. La co-innovación y la investigación cooperativa son herramientas con gran potencial para salvar las deficiencias en innovación de las tecnologías de energías renovables (TER) en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC), disminuyendo así los desafíos energéticos a los que se enfrenta la región.

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    • Renewables Readiness Assessment: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

      Jordan’s energy diversification strategy is centred around renewables. This report aims to help unlock Jordan’s renewable energy potential.

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    • Republic of Palau: Renewable Energy Roadmap 2022-2050

      This report looks in detail at Palau's current power sector and provides a pathway for achieving a fully decarbonised, least-cost power system, with intermediate milestones.

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    • Renewable Energy Policy in Cities: Selected Case Studies

      IRENA, in collaboration with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), has produced a series of case studies on cities where local governments have successfully adopted measures to promote renewable energy and sustainability.

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    • Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2019

      The sixth edition of the series highlights employment trends in renewables worldwide, noting increasing diversification of the supply chain.      

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